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Power Nap Vol. 2 by crfh-maritza
Power Nap Vol. 2
This is the beautiful cover drawn by Sebastian Carrillo "Bachan" for the second volume of Power Nap, crowfunding now. We're almost there! Get your book now!!! :D…
Cocky shifted his hands a bit and the chain around Blackjack’s neck got a little tighter. Blackjack tried to loosen it up, but he couldn’t reach it. His own hands were attached to a chain now, and that chain was firmly lodged under Cocky’s knee, keeping Blackjack’s hands unable to reach his own neck.
“I am giving you the privilege of witnessing your own death, instead of killing you while you were unconscious.”  Cocky snarled under his breath. His rage was so big he only kept it under control to not make things easier for Blackjack. “I am also giving you the privilege of looking at your killer in the eyes, instead of simply setting up a trap for you and letting others do the dirty work. You don’t even deserve this, you sniveling coward,” the lagomorph twisted the chain a little more. “But I’m going to get killed soon as well, and I’m feeling generous.”
Blackjack kept struggling violently to move under Cocky and trying to talk, but only a strangled sound came from him. Cocky started smiling as he saw the hare in pain and oxygen desperation.
Cocky started crying without even noticing, lost in a maelstrom of emotions too big to handle or control. He was aware he was heading to a mental breakdown again, but he didn’t particularly care. It would be deliciously ironic if the Khail paid to get their hands on him so they could tear him apart, and found he had already gone to pieces. Cocky twisted his hands again, thinking it would be over soon.
Suddenly Blackjack’s hands could reach his own hands, and he witnessed his enemy’s futile attempts to free the chain. He smiled a little bit, for he knew Blackjack would never make him let go in that weakened state. But Blackjack wasn’t trying. He was attempting to touch something under Cocky’s  shackles. A click, a twist, a whirr, and to his surprise, suddenly the lagomorph’s hands were free. He was so astonished that he didn’t even notice Blackjack’s leg coming alive under him, coiling around his neck and slamming him down backwards. Cocky saw stars of all colors and shapes, but had enough wits left to roll away. There was not a lot of room in the cage,  but he retreated as far as he could, trying to stop seeing double,  and when he finally did, he saw Blackjack trying to get out of the embrace of the chain, coughing heavily.  He got rid of it,Cocky’s shackles hanging on the end, and started circling it in the air, menacingly, as he struggled to get his breath back.
“Ya… need me,” Blackjack coughed in a raspy voice. “I know how… g-get out…”
The lagomorph took a step back and waited for the hare to get a coughing fit. Predictably enough, this happened after a few seconds, and Cocky simply took two steps forward and snatched the chain away from Blackjack. He firmly planted a bare foot on the hare’s chest, and kicked so hard Blackjack bounced on the unbreakable glass. His legs folded under him and he went down. Cocky had the chain now, and he would use it if Jack tried to get near him, but he had no clue what to do next. He was torn between the desire to kill Blackjack and find a way to escape. Also, he realized that the noise of a fight would attract unwanted attention.
“Bastards… gonna sell us both…” Blackjack had another coughing fit. “Dun let ‘em.”
Cocky looked at Blackjack without any pity. “Open the door, if you know how, then. Personally I think you’re lying.”
“Can’t,” Blackjack said with a croaky voice. “Need… free.” He shook his own chains.
Cocky huffed, incensed. “I could make you tell me. Maybe it’s my turn to torture you while you’re chained down. See how that feels.”
Blackjack looked at him without fear and smiled. “Mebbe. If you don’t fall asleep first.” He pointed up, where a green smoke was slowly leaking out of a tube.
Cocky felt his heart drop to his feet and advanced to free Blackjack O’Hare.
Quill came in shaking his head. “Nothing.”
Rocket looked at him. “Are you sure? Blackjack ambushed hours ago. He could have drifted off a long way.”
Peter sat down. “I did an outward spiral for a long while. I also flew closely around your ships. I used a very sensitive bio scanner… Groot’s not out there.”  
Rocket growled. “The bastard took him, then! Just wait till…”
Quill put a hand on Rocket’s shoulder. “Wait, maybe it’s not that simple.”
“From what you say, Blackjack probably took Groot as a hostage. Leverage. To keep you away from him until he delivers his bounty.  Since he can’t hurt or kill your friend Cocky, he’ll probably threaten to kill Groot.”
“I am aware of that, Quill. I’m not stupid.”
“So what are you gonna do in that case?”
“We’ll read the situation when we’re actually in it. I have done a million rescues in my whole life. Hardly no one ever died.”
“That’s true. But Blackjack’s gonna be expecting it. So far, his record on predicting and neutralizing you is pretty good.”
Rocket got actually angry at that. “Gods of Asgard, which freakin’ side are you on??”
Peter raised his hands in surrender. “Yours! I’m on your side, here.  I’m just thinking this is probably gonna be more complicated than you think. You’re gonna let me help you, right?”
The raccoonish creature thought for a second. “Would be nice,” he said, reluctantly.
“It might be good to call the other Guardians if they are available,” Desiree said, entering the room, pulling along a very pale Brock.
“C’mon,” Rocket said, cranky. “I can use another ship out there, but we definitely can handle a bunch of disgusting long-ears by ourselves. Uh, no offense,” he quickly added.
Desiree ignored this. “Mr. Quill, this is Brock. He’s our engineer and pilot. Brock, this is Peter Quill. Also known as Star-Lord.”
“How ya doing,” Quill said charmingly, and shook the tall lagomorph’s hand. “Uh, you don’t look so good.”
“Took a knife to the gut a while ago, Quill, he’s not gonna look ready for the red carpet.”
“I feel better now. Heard a lot about you,” Brock said, softly. “It’s an honor.”
“Stop kissing ass and help me with that nest of horrors,” Rocket said, pointing to a gutted panel. “Just a few more hits of the hammer and we can get on our way to bitchslap bunnies.”
“Speaking of which,” Peter said, “what are we looking at? In terms of fight?”
“I’m guessing two dozen guys, tops. Rabbits. They have guns and knives. Skilled in both, if the Bunny Brigade is still up to its usual standards.  Although maybe not. Cocky killed like seven on them on the fight.”
Brock examined the settings of a tool, squinting. He finally said: “But Cocky is the most gifted fighter of our generation. Also, ex-Thirteen.”
Peter whistled. Rocket rolled his eyes. “Big deal, ex-Thirteen. Blackjack’s  ex-Thirteen too. And I kicked his ass. Barehanded.” The raccoonish mercenary grinned fiercely. “And I will do it again.”
Quill looked worried. “Maybe we should call the other Guardians, yeah.”
“Are you seriously scared about a bunch of cotton-tails?”
Desiree intervened. “Hopefully, Jack’s been neutralized by his own crew by now. Doesn’t mean he can’t be a problem. But I’m counting he won’t. I’m more worried about the other guys.”
Rocket cut some tape with his tiny, sharp teeth. “Blackjack’s the dangerous one, the others are chumps.”
Desiree cocked her head. “I don’t mean the rest of the Brigade. I mean the OTHER people. You know, the ones that are going to be there to claim the bounty on Blackjack’s head.”
Peter Quill laughed. “Dude. I wasn’t even thinking about that. Good one.”
Rocket frowned. “It crossed my mind, but I was kinda hoping we could reach an agreement. We don’t want Blackjack, only Cocky.”
Brock made a face, but never stopped fixing. “Cocky’s worth a million units, and he’s gonna be there, all wrapped up like a gift for every bounty hunter out there.”
“Yeah, how are they even gonna know it’s him?” Rocket said, taping some wires together.
“Because of the marks. The marks on his face. They are pretty unique.  Anybody with access to the bounty database will get that information in two clicks,” Desiree explained.
“Um,” Rocket grumbled. “Okay, so we gonna hafta get violent on a lot of people.” He thought for a couple of seconds. “Wait, Quill. If you weren’t thinking about that, why are you considering backup?”
Peter shook his head. “I was considering this very pessimistic scenario where the Khail Empire decides to crash the party too.”
Honor Thy Name - 49. Crash the party.
In which scenarios are considered.

Sorry about the delay on this, guys. Been kinda busy. Also I have to answer all my feedback notes, so embarrassing! D:
“But seriously, what are you doing here?” Rocket seemed stuck in puzzled mode.
“Real happy to see you too, buddy,” Quill said, sarcastically, although without an edge.
“I called him,” Desiree intervened.
Rocket turned around to face Des.
“Didn’t we agree to call him only if we didn’t find Groot ourselves?”
“Whoa, wait. Groot is missing? Well, that explains why he’s not here trying to give me a rooty high-five.”
“It’s complicated,” Rocket started. “But really, I’ve got everything under control. There was no need…”
Desiree interrupted. “I have no patience for your macho pride, Rocket. We need all the help we can get, and fast. I wasn’t even sure if he was going to come, so I have to see what I have to work with.”
Rocket groaned and rolled his eyes. “Well, since apparently yer in CHARGE now, you can explain the whole sitch ta your new underling yerself, doll,” he said, and left the room to go look for some tools.
Quill’s eyes were fixed on the female lagomorph appreciatively. “Well, HELLO. And you are…?”
Desiree smiled politely. “Desiree. I’m the Captain.”
“NO, SHE’S NOT!” Rocket moaned in protest from the other room.
“Obviously, not the Captain of this ship. My ship is… out there.”
Quill snorted.
“That’s a SHIP? It looked like something built out of legos and chewing gum.” He smiled sheepishly. “Uh, no offense.”
“None taken. It probably was.” Desiree shrugged. She cocked her head. “Are the other Guardians in your ship?”
Quill sat down and put his boots up on one of the chairs.
“Nope, they’re… well, who knows? I can ring them up and could go get them if necessary. I have no idea what’s going on, tho, sooooo….” Peter pointed in the general direction of the broken panels and all-around mess.
“There’s no time for that,” Desiree said. She sat down and explained the situation in a very efficient, economical manner. When she finished, she asked: “Any questions?”
Peter Quill blinked as if still trying to process all that info. “No. Actually… no.”
“She’s ex-military, Quill, they don’t know how to tell stories properly,” Rocket said, carrying a box of stuff with a somehow pained look about him. He put it down.
Quill looked at him. “Cosmo says hello, by the way.”
Rocket raised an eyebrow. “Good ol’ bastard.” He started pawing around in the box. “Des,  Brock seems to be doing fine, but why don’t  you check? I could really start using his help ‘round here soon, if he’s up to it.”
Desiree looked at Rocket. Then she nodded and left.
Rocket turned around briefly to see she was not there. “What.”
Peter Quill dropped his voice. “Tell me about it.”
“What she said, mostly.”
“Mostly, as in different tales?”
Rocket shook his head. “I’m being straight with them. But perhaps she didn’t tell you why I boarded their ship. I guess I should tell ya, I wanted to borrow a Gun. To copy the schematics.”
Quill scratched his beard. “Illegal?”
“A Gun with a capital G,” Rocket shrugged.
“Money with a capital M, I’m guessing. Aaaand jail with a capital J, too.”
Rocket’s tail fluffed down. “I was just going to sell a few. And I was going to add up things of my own design; in any case, MY design would not be outlawed. At least until they wised up. But I’d end up clean.”
“Planning a jailbreak again, then.”
Rocket looked at Star-Lord indignantly.
“Whaddayamean, it’s a hole-proof plan!”
“Right. Did you bother asking a lawyer?”
“Of course not, do you think I’m crazy?”
Quill just looked at Rocket.
“Ain’t getting caught. And anyway, I have to solve this problem first.”
“Mmh-hm. Listen, Real talk. What is your investment in this… C-c-…” Quill snorted. “Cocky character. Okay, I gotta stop doing that.”
“Can’t blame ya if you don’t.” Rocket snickered.
“Curvy told me why she wants to rescue him. But why do you? He’s a friend of you, I’m assuming, but I have rarely seen you rescuing people from bounty hunters, and I guess you do know a lot of people on both sides.”
“Well, yeah. Bad form. The job is the job. But… yeah. He’s my friend. Of sorts.”
“I’m just wondering what you’re getting into. Bounties rarely get over a million. I just want to know if we’re gonna try and rescue a mass murderer or worse.”
Rocket made a face. “The buyer is the Khail Empire. And yeah, Cocky is a mass murderer if you consider war casualties murders. He’s a war hero on the B’eel side.”
“Oh. And you want to go into a slapfest with the Khail Empire over a friend of sorts.”
“Nah, it’s not only personal, Quill.” Rocket’s hands worked automatically, almost without even looking. “Cocky was stuck in a POW camp for a year. He led a rebellion to escape, and afterwards, he personally liberated a dozen camps or so. He was already wanted by the Empire before all that, but afterwards… well. Evidently, the Khail wants to make an example of him. I don’t wanna let that happen; it would be monstrous. You can see that, don’t you?”
“Mmh.” Star-Lord scratched his beard again. “Wouldn’t it be easier to contact B’eel, let them handle it?”
“We can’t. Cocky got himself exiled from his own planet, because he’s a huge idiot. Lost his crap and punched the president or something. No help there whatsoever.” Rocket shook his head.
Peter Quill nodded. “Don’t get me wrong, I agree with you on this. But if your friend is delivered to the Khail, there’s nothing we can officially do about it. The Khail has a non-aggression, no-intervention pact with the Galaxy Forces. I know, we’re not technically in the organization, but this could trigger a diplomatic crisis. And you know how the Khail gets.”

“I get it, don’t touch the poop. Still, this is about getting Cocky back from Blackjack. And of course, this is also about getting Groot back.”
“Speaking of ships, why don’t you just leave your ship parked here? It’s gonna take some time to fix, I’m guessing. Let’s just take the Milano.”
“S’a matter of pride. Goddamn carrot-muncher thinks he can touch my ship?? I’ll teach him!” Rocket swished his tail indignantly. Then he mellowed out. “I only need like an hour of work or so, but in the meantime, could you check around the ship? We think Blackjack might have thrown Groot out of the airlock.”
Peter Quill looked at Rocket, seemingly about to insist. But then he shrugged, as he knew from experience Rocket would not be convinced. “Okay, let’s see if we can find ourselves a Christmas tree.”
“It’s been a while. Hurry,” Rocket pleaded. Then he let his mask on again. “I mean, we have to leave soon.”
Quill left without saying another word. He knew better.
Thanks to all of you who comissioned art from me I could finally get a new computer :3 I'll get to work on your pieces ASAP!

Now to reinstall everything hahaha XD
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