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Cocky looked at Rocket, entirely surprised. He was not the only one.

Blackjack’s ears went up. “Huh? Why would you do that, tho? You’re not saving the Galaxy, Guardian. You’re just meddling into private affairs.” And he spat on the floor.

Rocket looked at Blackjack in disgust. “No, YOU are. I was in the middle of negotiations with these guys, and then you come along to interrupt me.”

Blackjack waved this aside.

“You should thank me, then. Negotiations are over! Whatever you need from them, you can take it after they’re dead. Except Cocky, of course, but you can frisk him before I take him away. Ain’t interested in nuthin’ he’s carrying, just him.”

Rocket seemed pensive. “You know, that makes a lot of sense.”

“’Course it does.”

“So I simply have to do nothing and watch you tear them apart. There’s ten of you, plus you. It’s three of them. I’d be betting on the losing side.”

“That’s right,” Blackjack smiled, cordially.

“There’s only one problem with that.”


“I like them better than you,” Rocket said, and threw a punch directly at Blackjack’s face, who flew backwards. He rolled away and got up instantly, blood running from a side of his mouth. Blackjack laughed with a chittering sound.

“Just like ol’ times, eh, Rocky? Okay, sounds like fun.” Blackjack jumped Rocket.
Cocky didn’t have time to feel relieved it was Rocket who decided to take on Blackjack. Suddenly every single member of the Bunny Brigade was attacking him. In the end, that back-to-back indication to his friends counted for nothing, as Blackjack’s goons were entirely ignoring them and concentrated on taking him down instead.

Cocky flew into full-fledged panic as he quickly got surrounded. He kicked one of his attackers in the stomach, and as the goon doubled over Cocky simply jumped onto his shoulders and somersaulted out of the mob. He couldn’t afford to be cornered. It was ten against one, they were fast as Hell, and there was simply no place to run or maneuver. The small lagomorph dodged most of their blows, noticing they were intended to incapacitate and not kill. There lied his own single advantage. Meanwhile, Des and Brocky were trying to keep his attackers from reaching Cocky, but it was hard. More alarmingly, he noticed the Bunny Brigade were pulling knives and trying to deliver killing blows to his friends. They were expendable after all, and he could not help them, for every inch of his concentration had to be put on surviving. The only thing he could do was to take them out until the forces balanced a little more.

Someone managed to punch Cocky on one side of the head. He stumbled, and the only thing that kept him from going down (and probably staying down) was that he managed to hang onto one of the closest rabbits. Half-stunned, he turned the bunny around, twisting his arm behind his back while hugging his neck, strangling him. It proved to be a very effective body shield, at least until he got his breath back. He heard Des crying in pain at some point out of his field of vision, but he couldn’t afford to look. And as his shield struggled to get loose and gasped for air, Cocky realized the situation was unmanageable. He couldn’t keep dodging blows forever, as one or two would probably be enough to snare him in and for them to swarm him.

“Silence upon the fallen,” Cocky whispered into the rabbit’s ear, as it was customary. He let go of the arm and took his hostage’s knife out of the sheath. Cocky then buried it deeply between his lungs.

As the life left the Bunny Brigade member, his body weight started pulling both of them down. Cocky then kicked the body away and onto one of the approaching enemies, knocking him down.

The others looked at him for a couple of seconds while Cocky stood there with his knife dripping blood.

“The Law requires me to issue a final warning,” Cocky panted, almost sadly. “And that was it.”
Blackjack sketches by crfh-maritza
Blackjack sketches

Blackjack O’Hare. A bit of a sketch study I did to figure out his design without a helmet.

I saw a canon comic where he is shown sans helmet and he actually has pupils. But I prefer this design to differentiate him from Cocky.

Still a maxish design to not make him TOO different from the other lagos.

Cocky felt as if he had been punched in the stomach. Suddenly the worst case scenario had materialized in front of him: an attempt to claim the prize on his head by one of the very few existing people who could actually do it.

He reminded himself to breathe. He actually tried to smile and failed miserably at it.

“Nice joke, Blackjack. Very funny.”

Blackjack made an impatient gesture.

“A million units ain’t laughing matter, ol’ pal. Play along nicely, will ya? They want you alive, but after all, they didn’t specify HOW much alive. Might be unpleasant to find out.”

“Might be unpleasant,” Cocky said, menacingly. “But for whom?”

Blackjack smiled crookedly.

“Call me optimistic, but I’m thinking that’d be the unarmed, outnumbered guy in the glorified flying tin can.”

“You know?” Rocket growled, crossing his arms. “I’m used to expecting practically anything from scum like you, but I never thought you’d be a traitor to your own race.”

Blackjack shrugged. “More like cousins. But hey, at least I have a race. Zing!”

Rocket frowned. He seemed about to say anything, but he was interrupted by Blackjack.

“Lissen, if we’re done talking, I’ll be taking my booty with me and s-kee-dadling outta here.” And he took a step forward.

Cocky himself took a step back and shook his head.

“No. I’ll die first. I’m never going back, ever. Blackjack, leave now or one of us is going to end up dead. That’ll forfeit the reward, anyway.”

“Eh. I have a healing gun. Besides, who said I’m gonna be fightin’ you?” Blackjack slightly turned around to his Bunny Brigade. “Now, kids. It’s your chance to test your skills against one of the Thirteen. Playing for keeps this time. Whadda ya say?”

The rabbits in helmets advanced. Cocky took another step back and his butt bumped on the wall. He had run out of ship.

Unexpectedly, Desiree stood between him and the Bunny Brigade, as a moving reminder things could still get a whole lot worse.

“Walk away. I have a really large hole with your names right here,” Desiree said, pointing Rocket’s gun at their enemies. The rabbits froze in place.

“Nice try, babe. But I have seen that gun before. What was it, summer, three years ago?” Blackjack turned around to look at Rocket, who sighed and shook his head. “Good times, good times. And, if I remember correctly, it’s missing the magazine. Big ol’ ugly yellow thing by its side, no, Rocky?”

Desiree frowned and looked at Rocket, who shrugged apologetically. “Hey, tried to tell you. Not my fault if you didn’t believe me.”

“Not your fault?? You BROUGHT these people here!” Desiree sounded both irate and desperate.

“Now that is kinda unfair,” Rocket said. “Besides, like Cocky said, no one is shooting any guns in here if we don’t want this eggshell to collapse unto itself with us inside.”

“Meh, he’s right,” Blackjack said, and put his gun back into its holster. “But who needs guns? They’re nice to have, of course, but not that essential to the proper fighter.”

“Now you’re insulting my religion,” Rocket said, and started bickering with Blackjack, momentarily distracting him.

“Stay away from me, guys,” Cocky whispered. If he knew his friends well, it was probably kind of useless, but he still had to try. “Go to Rocket’s ship if you can. Leave, please. I’ll handle this.”

“Naw,” Brock said. “I’m staying.”

Desiree looked sideways at the smallest lagomorph. “Screw that crap, Cocky. We’re not letting them take you. Stop wasting time and tell us how to win this.”

Ugh, as if I knew, Cocky thought.  

“Back to back, guys,” Cocky said. “Don’t let them swarm you. Body shots, forget the heads. Those helmets are very sturdy. I’ll have to take care of Blackjack, as I’m the only one who can do that.”

Rocket apparently heard this.

“Having a bit of an ego trip, are we?” Rocket smiled, showing his fangs.  “You are DEFINITELY not the only one who can do that.”
Still need to do that Xmas shopping :P


I don’t only make Sam and Max stuff, I can do other things. SFW only, sorry.

send me a note or something if you want me to draw you some stuff. :)

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