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Although outwardly he was smiling and friendly, Cocky was subtly watchful of the huge tree-being. He had heard of such creatures before, but he had never met one. He was at the same time amazed and terrified, and although the so-called Groot seemed friendly enough, there was also an incredibly powerful strength behind the clumsy crawling and slow movements.

Things began to fly across the tiny room when Groot started trying to accommodate his huge, branching mass into any space available. Cocky only could cringe when thinking what Desiree would say. Worse, he could hear the floor creaking under the weight, and he thought he was going to have to lower the gravity or Groot would simply break the pitiful tin can they called a ship.

Then he remembered he had never added a gravity dimmer and Brocky probably had concentrated every inch of his skills into making the goddamn thing actually fly.

“Uuuh…” Cocky started, but he was interrupted by Rocket angrily yelling at Groot.

“What the skragg do you think you’re doing, man? YOU DON’T FIT! You don’t fit and you’re making a mess! Go back to the ship and wait there!”

“I am Groot,” Groot said, frowning.

“Well, it’s not that. But you’re going to kill us all, so no dice. Besides, I can take care of myself.” Cocky saw Rocket quickly looking his way. First alarm. Rocket immediately changed his tone. “You wouldn’t be very comfortable in this jewel-box anyway. Be a nice Groot and go back.”

There was a disappointed sound from Groot, but he started retreating to the connecting bridge. Cocky sniffed, thinking he’d feel less anxious if he could take Brock and Des out of the equation. “Perhaps we should all move the talk to your ship.  This one IS a jewel-box, after all.”

Rocket sneered. “Hahaha. No offense, but no way. It’s a mess back there, you don’t even know.”

Second alarm.  Rocket liked everything in its place, all the time. Cocky seriously doubted Rocket would tolerate anything resembling a mess unless he had a serious blow to the head lately. Even now he was eyeing the things Groot had knocked over and quickly setting everything back in its place.

But then again, maybe Rocket was referring to how the screws were not properly aligned or how one of the light bulbs needed to be changed. It was hard to tell. Cocky shrugged and decided he was being overly paranoid about it all, especially when Rocket silently brought a pack of beers to the tiny table the lagomorphs used for meals and such. Probably carried by Groot and left there, and it was just a monstrous injustice the big tree guy was not even able to enjoy it.

They opened the beer and sat down. Without Groot’s imposing presence, the room didn’t seem too small anymore. Cocky idly wondered if Des and Brocky were spying on him from the other room. It seemed pretty likely, given how Des didn’t trust Rocket.

“Nice place you got here,” Rocket said. He was perfectly-deadpan sarcastic.

“Do you like it? I made it myself!” Cocky said, chipper.

“Stick to the merc work, guy. You’re a pretty crappy engineer.”

“My other ship is a Lamborghini,” Cocky said, serious. They were silent for a moment and then both erupted in laughter.

Cocky felt like he could relax a bit. The knife hidden in the back of his pants, however, was a comforting weight.
"This better be good,” Cocky said, cranky.  He yawned and mind-absently scratched his still-healing ears.
Brock’s expression was unreadable.
“Could be good, could be bad. The way our luck’s been going, I am sure it will be the worst,” he shrugged, fatalistic.
Cocky felt a pang of guilt. “Ain’t you a rain of sunshine,” he said, sarcastically, but he squeezed his friend’s shoulder sympathetically. He couldn’t wait to be able to start working again so he could start paying in cash and not by feeling bad about it.
“Could be rain, could be sunshine…” Brock started, but he was interrupted by Desiree. She was leaning on the dashboard of their makeshift joke of a ship. She looked more haggard than ever. “Sorry to interrupt your beauty sleep, but we have a situation here.”
The smaller lagomorph looked briefly at the radar blip, and then out of the window. He squinted. “I know that ship. Urgh, I can’t remember…”
“It’s Rocket.” Desiree looked at Cocky intently. “THAT Rocket.”
Cocky flashed a smile. “Of course! Hah, I wonder what that ol’ bastard is…” Cocky stopped smiling. “Um.”
“Should we be worried? That’s what I want to know. You’re the one he’s looking for, or so he said. He seemed cordial enough, but you never know.”
“Welllll. Well, I don’t THINK we should be worried. We’re friends. Of sorts. Anyway, he’s a nice guy. Somewhat. After you get to know him.” Cocky scratched his ear again. “In any case, we should invite him over?”
“Give me a good reason, Cockwell. We are tremendously in the pits right now and it’s all thanks to your little escapade to Earth.”
Cocky cringed, then shrugged. “For starters, if Rocket wants to board this ship, he will. He’s not known to take no for an answer.”
“Uh-huh. Noted.”
“We are in no position to get into a fight. This spacecraft has no defenses and short of us giving him the collective finger through the window, no offenses.”
Desiree smiled and growled. “The ship does not, but WE do. Remember, we still have two Guns. And we managed to salvage a space suit. We can always send you out there to obliterate Rocket’s ship before he even knows what’s happening.”
“Mmmmmh.” Cocky was starting to get nervous.
“Of course, the recoil would probably send you flying towards the cold of space, but Brock and I would try to find you before you run out of air…”
Brock intervened for the first time, nervous as well. “I would prefer a plan that implies not testing a Gun in the vacuum of space. I don’t think it has ever been done.”
Cocky tried to change the subject quickly.
“Secondly, Rocket and I are in good terms as far as I know.  I don’t know why he’s looking for me, but if he’s not here to claim a prize on my head or something, maybe this could be exactly what we need right now.”
“He could be here to give me a job.”
Honor Thy Name - 1. Blip

Hello everyone. This is a space lagomorphs / Rocket Raccoon fanfic. Sort of a follow-up to sdate, but Sam and Max are not there since it's in SPAAAAACE

yes, it will have comics.

I SCREAM by crfh-maritza
A comission I made for

Comissions are still open by the way. If you're interested send me a note or something :)
Sam's Dames by crfh-maritza
Sam's Dames

Sam’s dames.

Magnolia Swanky-Ritz and Honey Swigglybottom.

The complicated life of a Freelance Police officer.

Send me a note if yer interested :)
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